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givME is an online search facility that matches Awards, Schemes, Scholarships and Grants, to people.

givME has details of Awards, Schemes, Scholarships and Grants. Your givME search will help you find the ones relevant to you.

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givME has scholarships for schools, polytechnics, universities or travel grants; sports and arts schemes; personal grants; personal development funds; as well as academic AND non-academic funding.


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I want an award to support me at school
There are Awards, Scholarships or Grants to support primary and secondary school students

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Tertiary Awards, Scholarships or Grants support your activity at polytechnics, universities or private training establishments, including both study and research.

I want a grant or loan
givME has details of Awards, Scholarships or Grants to support travel, sport, arts, professional development and those in financial hardship.